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The Man-God's Eternal War [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
The Man-God's Eternal War

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Hive Fleet Gorgon [Jul. 13th, 2005|03:51 pm]
The Man-God's Eternal War

The gaunt tyranid creature loped through the mutated vegetation, its brood close at its heels. The dying light of the planet's suns, darkened by vaporous spore clouds, threw bloody patterns across the rushing aliens. Scythe-like talons held close to their sides, They loped easily through the darkening day.

Images and urges flickered over the simple minds of the gaunts, held in the hivemind by the presence of the large leader-beasts running close by. The body of the Tyranis whole had met its first true resistance; takne the first casulaties of any note. The brood could see through the collective what awaited them over the next rise in the land: the hardskin warrior variants.

The gaunt brood crested the rise and continued across the open ground toward the structure that the hivemind commanded.

A formed stone structure, it held the warriors that had come to stall the arm of the Devourer. Bright flashes of light lanced from the structure, lancing through the air and into living landscape of gaunts. Possessing a small defensive barrier, the hardskins within were adding to it with the waves of tyranid dead. A burst of bright light to the right of the brood, and a dozen termagaunts disappeared from the mind. Spotting a low breach in the corpse-wall, the mind directed the gaunts through.

With a hiss, the brood re-directed its advance towards the breach. Seemingly extraneous organs came to life. Electric fire injected to nervous systems. Muscles flexed and worked past what they could normally do. The brood surged forward, tearing up ground sodden with violet ichor. Talons reaching, the gaunts hit the breach.

The lead row exploded in a concentrated burst of fire from the hardskin defenders. The follwers hurdled the dead, hurling themselves at their prey. Several more were killed or crippled immediately, blinking out of the swirling prescence of the hivemind. A few found their marks. One leaped forward, hind claws grasping the prey's chest plate, and drove its blade-sharp talons into the vulnerable flesh exposed around its neck. Another, spine broken, manged to sever the weapon arm of one of the prey while its broodmate came from the side, tearing at wounded arm.

The brood pushed into the perimeter, moving after after the prey that retreated quickly back.

A flash of movement at the structures apex. Then fire.

One of the hardskins' leader-creatures had lain in wait. Now, it's weapon spewed forth pyroclasm upon the advancing brood. Caught unprepared, Many were set aflame, limbs withering, eyes melting and running down blackened faces. Then the lancing bursts of metal returned. The last surviving gaunt felt the urge of retreat. As it turned to leap back into the waiting cover of its fellows, it slammed into something in mid-air.

A great claw of iron had caught the gaunt. As it began to close around the tyranid's now shattered body, it turned. In its darkening vision, it saw what appeared to be one of the hardskins. Its head was obscured and it was harnessed to the great metal creature that now grasped it. The wail and cry of the strange softskin mingled with the shriek of the gaunt as the claw popped it like ripe spore.


The Mind saw the battle through its many eyes. The gaunts were an expendable part of its body. They all were. Now, something different was needed. The flying eyes of the fleet had found an advancing line, heading for the structure: re-enforcements. This prey had to be consumed quickly. Impulses traveled along great, aetheric nerves. The war-beast answered. The battleground flowed over the organs of the hivemend. As did the knowledge of the opposition. The gigantic lifted it head, saliva dripping from the adamantine laced tusks of its lower jaw. Enormous crablike claws flexed against huge razor talons. The carnifex rose and stalked towards its prey.
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Ordo Penitentia ~ The Last Seraphim [Jul. 2nd, 2005|01:55 am]
The Man-God's Eternal War


The very word was a testiment to her battle prowess. To have been granted such an honor in the fields of duty... it was unknown for one still in her natural youth.

She had jumped to the top of the shrine, and was standing there in quiet contemplation, staring out across the small force she was joined by. None of them, not even the Superiors would match the skill she and her sisters exhibited in the field. She thought of the battle that had torn her squad apart. The four armed xenos that ripped through their power armor like her chainsword ripped through the xeno cannonfodder. Chills broke out along her skin, despite the climate control of the powerarmor. She sighed heavily right before her com broke into static.

"Seraphim Superior..."


"Something landed... we think it's more xenos..."

"I'm on it." She re-affixed the seal of her squad and pulled the helmet back on.

There was heat and light as she took off into the night. The last Seraphim.
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Hive Fleet Gorgon [Jun. 30th, 2005|11:40 pm]
The Man-God's Eternal War
The sleep had been too long. The rock had begun to be scraped before the broodship had been wounded and fell through the atmoshpere. With the hivemind absent, many broodmates reverted to their instincts. Many were slaughtered by the hardskins. But not all.

Whispers tremored along the weblines of the broodmind. The one that led the vanguard slowly lifted its head, listening to whispers for the first time in cycles. Unlike many of the others, the four-armed gene harvesters were shaped to operate in advance of the hivemind's manifestation. Their broods had been given a community mind of their own. It enabled them to work effectively together and to survive the last onslaught of the hardskins and their ponderous mounts. Now, however, they sensed something else. It had returned to its wayward offspring; the itinerant offshoots of the tyranid whole.

Images flickered along the tenuous link. The brood recognized the surface of the terrestrial that they now inhabited. The overmind's view shifted closer. There was prey on the surface once more. They recognized the hardskins, despite their different colorings. One brood of them seemed a variation. Chromosomal variants. There were many greenskins, familiar to gene sifters of the colony. Strong they were, with many gene variants yet to be sampled. Other hardskins were opposing them, shinig bright in the warpsense of the colony zoanthrope. They seemed to be in contest; or soon would be. Such is the fate of a species isolated from its own members. Isolated and prepared for harvesting.

More images: another broodship was near. It had sampled and scoured far regions of this new galaxy. It had new strands to weave with. It called to the brood; called them out and to it. The genestealer brood mmoved quickly to the surface and across, unseen. A seeding pod had landed. They were to have a new member grafted to the brood. A powerful prescence in the one mind.

Inside the pod, the newly shaped Brood lord felt the approach of its kin. Tearing claws and lightning-quick talons tore the side of the seeding pod to ribbons. The broodlord stepped out and stretched in the ruddy light of the planet's darkening star, It's twelve foot frame rippling with muscle and chitin-hard skin. It's long fanged tongue tasted the new planet air.

The others are coming we are to prepare the way. We will find the feeders. We shall grow anew from the biomass of this rock.

A conquering roar echoed through the hivemind.
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another menace [Jun. 30th, 2005|06:58 pm]
The Man-God's Eternal War

Sgt. Davenport eyed carefully the distant conflict between two of the Emperor's most enduring enemies. When faced with an army of Orks, it was difficult not to report and initiate small skirmishes, but He'd been trained long ago exactly how much differently the Blood Ravens executed combat. Now proved to truely be the wrong time as the Orks reached their targer, which was apparently an Eldar force. They had begun to cripple the Eldar when one of the hordes most foolish moves proved to have cataclysmic effets on their own army.

The Commander would also want to know about this encounter, so close to home as it was.
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Blood Ravens [Jun. 29th, 2005|05:33 am]
The Man-God's Eternal War

The commander crumples yet another report in an imposing gauntleted fist and let the paper ball fall limply from his fingers. Yet another intercept concerning the oncoming Swarm. Aparently there was a entirely different string of them, and by the looks of it they'd been stealing gene-seed from the Emperor's chosen for a while. Those triators who had turned to Chaos were no-doubt responsible.

He looked out across the nearby Barracks housing his soldiers and sighed as the burden of responsibility once again fell to him to decide whether to wait and fortify this new home planet against the onslaught, or to face it's full force by running off to meet it. To destory the enemies of the Emperor and his children on the rim worlds that were already fallen. And there was little doubt that more already had.

"Seargant Davenport!" the Commander bellowed, calling upon one of his most reliable and well trained scouts.

"Sir?" A voice crackled distantly over the intercom.

"Send word to the quartermaster to re-equip and re-arm. Everything. Even if it was just issued, replace it. We will be fully prepared to meet and end this threat posed by the Alien outside."

"Consider it done."

As he settled back into his chair, there remained only one question left on his mind. Could his Company really be more ready? Why not go claim greater glory for the Blood Ravens and the Emperor?
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Ordo Penitentia [Jun. 29th, 2005|08:52 pm]
The Man-God's Eternal War

The Canoness looked out the window of the converted Marine transport, onto the warscarred surface of this distant planet on the Rim. Reports had come in that there were hellish beasts on this world, and for the last failure of her Order, she was being sent here with her army. Take back the shrine that was lost, defend it from the Beasts that come.

The atmosphere glowed hot red in her eyes as they broke into the planet's air... she sighed and stood, adjusting the fur mantle on her red-trimmed black robe.

"Sisters! We arrive. Emperor hold you all in His hands." She lifted the holy symbol high. "We will stand above the Tide of the Xenos, and we will TRIUMPH IN HIS NAME! Let us pray, my sisters..." And she lowered her head.

The quiet whispers of hundreds of the Sisters of Battle echoes throughout the hull. The Inquistor Lord watched and nodded thoughtfully. Yes, the Sisters were the right choice to bring to this war.


When they landed, Techpriests scurried about the landing site, preparing and mobilizing the Immolators, Penitents were strapped into their Engines, their pious screams echoing through the nerves of all on that stood within the boundries of the Sisters' camp.

When Darkness threatend the sky, there was a sea of red LEDs awash in the barren valley. It would be a long fight to the Shrine, but there would be release at the end. Canoness Zuev stood quietly watching as her Sisters prepared for the first of many long long nights to come.
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